Fequently Asked Questions

Q. Why choose me? 

A. Since setting up in 1980 my aims and objectives have always been to provide a reliable, good quality service at a competitive price. 

Q. I would like an estimate for work to be carried out but I am not sure what it will involve or what is required? 

A. On your initial enquiry, a visit will be arranged. After discussing your requirements I will supply free and without obligation a written estimate detailing the work to be carried out and the costs involved. On some occasions a verbal estimate of approximate cost can be given, but will always be followed up in writing.

Q. Previously I have been given an estimate but the final account has been a lot higher

A. After an estimate has been accepted, in the event of further work becoming necessary, i.e. unforeseen repairs, you will be informed. No additional work is ever carried out without prior consent. 

Q. I own a property and have a stairwell that needs decorating, but public access is required to a Dental Practice on the 2nd floor? 

A. Working out of office hours and at weekends may solve this particular problem. I am always willing to be flexible. 

Q. I like to do my own decorating, but I am nervous about tackling a large high ceiling. 

A. I am happy to carry out partial redecoration's. 

Q. Won't there be a lot of disruption? 

A. Any decorating involves some inconvenience. As I specialise in domestic and commercial properties, I am experienced in planning and co-ordinating work to keep disruption to a minimum. 

Q. My neighbour recently had a decorator in who never kept to regular hours, how can I be sure this won't happen to me? 

A. Once a job is started, it is given my full attention until completed.